Online Stock Trading App: Top 4 Apps for Different Types of Investors

Since you can literally do anything and everything with your phone or tablet these days, it’s not surprising that you can also make investments and trade stocks with apps. Why spend a fortune paying a broker to make trades for you when you can do it yourself? Even if you’re not very experienced or knowledgeable, the best online stock trading app platforms come with tips and resources to help you better educate yourself.

You only need one or two good apps to make all of your investments. It also depends on your experience level and trading style.

Here is a quick overview of some of the more popular trading apps:


This one was launched before even the Robinhood website. It’s free to start using, although you won’t get access to the full range of investments. Recent support for Bitcoin has been added. The app interface is intuitive and the information you need to help make decisions is easy to get a hold of and understand. Robinhood uses only the best security and privacy measures to protect investors’ personal details and assets.


This is a great choice for beginners. College students can take advantage of the free management feature, and select retailers can even get some “cash back”. There are no surprise frees, and you can make small trades for just $1 – $3 dollars.

Acorns isn’t for everybody, particularly for more active, versatile traders who want a bigger portfolio.


The good thing about Stash is that it isn’t just an online stock trading app – it’s also an educational app that is designed to help you learn as you go. It lets users start investing with as little as $5 and offers tips on which stocks might be right for you as you go. The investments go into single stocks / EFTs, which are utilized into various themes, such as “environmental” or “innovation”.

Handy Trader

This tool is created by Interactive Brokers, and is available for Zacks Trade members. If you’re not familiar with Zack’s Trade, it’s an excellent platform for active traders and those interested in foreign stock exchanges. There are a variety of investment options to choose from, including Options, EFTs, Bonds, Mutual Funds, etc. To help you with your decision-making, Handy Trader supports real-time charts and market data, and allows you to make orders either instantaneously, or by using an order ticket.

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Stock Trading Alerts – What to Look for in Stock Pick Newsletters and Platforms

When it comes to stock market picks, your goal should be consistent profits -not winning the lottery overnight. While the latter is possible, it’s extremely rare and you need to be careful not to get carried away with it – just like actual gambling. Most financial advisors and experts would agree that the best strategy is to aim for smaller, yet consistent gains, and to have a diverse portfolio. In order to obtain profits on a consistent basis, you’ll need to receive stock trading alerts regularly.

Some stock alerts are free and some cost money. You’ll obviously need to do research on the companies that offer them by finding out about the “experts” behind them and if they really are qualified to be giving out stock picks. What kind of methodology do they use? Be careful with the “free” newsletters and alerts as well. After all, so many other traders will be subscribing to those as well. There is so much misinformation and disinformation out there. Plus, the “free” picks will often be broad in scope and not specific enough to truly get an idea of where to wisely put your money.

Since you don’t want to waste money on scams, you might want to make use of free trials or introductory services before deciding to become a full subscriber of some of the more professional stock trading alerts newsletters.

Everyday, the stock market provides services for just about every type of investor, so no matter what you’re looking for, there should be the perfect opportunity on occasion. This is why it’s important to choose your stock trading newsletter wisely, whether the alerts or delivered via email, smartphone alert, or web popup.

Here are a few things to consider before spending money on stock alerts:

• Make sure subscription-based members will have regular, webinar styled interactions with the gurus behind the picks.

• The service must target returns of at least 5-times the initial investment, AND minimizes risk and losses.

• There absolutely must be some sort of cancellation policy and money back guarantee. The longer the duration of the cancellation / money back guarantee policy, the better.

• The “experts” offering the picks shouldn’t be retired investors – they should be active traders themselves. They should not offer picks that they themselves would not consider acting upon.

• Customer service and networking opportunities are also extremely important for investors.

One great way to begin is to sign up for free investment ideas that target huge returns at Capitalist Exploits. It’s a unique platform that focuses on geo-political factors and trends affecting industries from the environment / energy sectors to cyber-currency. A lot of research and thought goes behind all of the stock trading alerts sent to their members.

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How to Invest Money Wisely: A Guide to the First Steps to Take in Order Be a Smart Investor

It’s a huge mistake many people make that investing and money building is something that only rich people do. You don’t have to be wealthy at all to make investments. There are so many options available that it’s possible for anybody to learn how to invest money wisely. It all starts out with a small amount of extra money. You don’t have to play the stock market or even buy into any company. You can simply start a CD account, money market account, or even savings account at a bank.

Let that be the #1 tip on smart investing: start doing it as soon as you start having extra money that you can spare. The younger you are, the longer you can wait for the money to wait for the interest to build. If you’re investing in stocks, the more time you have to wait for the market to move in a direction that is favorable to you.

Another smart, essential thing to do is to build savings for emergencies and short-term goals. Choose an online bank that offers a high APY and create either a savings builder account or buy a CD for 6 months – 2 years. Why keep cash hidden around your house for emergencies when you can keep it in an account that will accumulate some interest. Even if it’s only $500, you’ll still end up with more money than when you started.

How to Invest Money Wisely Away from Banks

If you do decide to go with the CD option, just make sure you keep the money in there for the amount of time agreed upon so that you won’t get charged a penalty fee for an early withdrawal. If there is an emergency, most banks will allow you to write a certain number of checks per month (usually around 6) or make online payments (up to 6).

Are you interested in how to invest money wisely when it comes to stocks? It depends on age – you must base those investments based on your horizon, and your horizon is the amount of time you need to keep your portfolio before you start spending it. A general rule of thumb is to subtract your current age from 100, and then use that number as the percentage of stocks to own in your retirement portfolio. If you’re 35, then your investment portfolio should have around 65% stocks.

Of course, stocks aren’t for everybody. There are other investment options, such as real estate and foreign currency trading. To really learn more about how to invest money wisely, it’s good to have the right tools and resources at your disposal. Motley Fool is a leader in investment picks and education. Sign up today to get the latest stock recommendations, “starter stocks”, community and investing resources, and more.

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